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Etnoland Dalmati

Croatia´s first theme park -Etnoland Dalmati-, located in Pakovo Selo near Drniš, on a surface of 15.000 sqm , has opened its doors.

Etnoland Dalmatians was the first theme park of its kind in the country that has opened its doors in May 2007. Located in central Dalmatia, only 10 minutes from the national park  Krka in Pakovo Selo (15 km from Šibenik). On an area of ​​15,000 m2 and a capacity for 10 to 110 people indoors and up to 500 people in the semi opened  (March to October) restaurant, we are  offering the visitors a real life experience of the Dalmatian hinterland in the past, so they can be introduced  with the customs, traditions, the way of life in this region, which also makes this park unique.


Kompleks consists of the old Dalmatian house, animal housing , threshing floors, old crafts workshops, a unique space for shows - kolarište, restaurants and souvenir shop - small Dalmatian market.
The guided tour begins with a visit to an old authentic Dalmatian house (ethno-museum), which includes the cellar with the wine barrels and the other equipment needed for making and storing of wine..

Furthermore, in its offer Etnoland has a garden with authentic spices and vegetables, and the space for the livestock cote for, for example, sheep and goats, chickens and donkeys.
In the workshops of the old almost forgotten handcrafts, visitors have the opportunity to meet the stonemason, weavers, carpenters and in this way see how people used to live and work in the barren rocky land.
Ethnoland offers a unique space for shows which is basically the arena, where visitors will feel the charm of Dalmatian story. Here, through  song and dance guests are shown how people used  to entertain themselves. Furthermore, guests will be able to buy local products from the region in a small Dalmatian market.

Among the others, we would especially like to point out the program "Dinner and Dancing", which includes a guided tour through ETNOLAND, , a traditional dinner of wine and smoked ham, accompanied by guitar and mandolin, and the authentic folklore show. During the traditional dinner with live music, visitors can taste traditional local food and so take away  with them unforgettable moments.
In addition to guided tours, lunches, dinners and folklore shows this is an ideal destination for teambuilding, promotions, weddings and all other types of group visits.

We invite you to come as visitors and leave as friends.


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Contact: Joško Lokas

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